La Boule Obut

Our love story with the legendary French petanque brand

The first time we appeared on Obut’s radar was in April 2015, when we participated in their #JeuDuCarreau video competition. Since we weren’t able to shoot a normal carreau, we decided to try and win in the category “Most unusual location”.

In total we entered 4 videos and we eventually won in the “Most athletic”-category. Even today we still think they let us win just to get rid of us. Whatever the reason for winning, we did receive a set of custom-made ATX balls for our efforts.

A year later we got contacted by Obut (without having spammed them) for a meeting in Paris. We didn’t have a clue what they had in store for us, but Jochen and Tom decided to go.

It was the start of a true love story. Thanks to Obut we now make an annual trip to Marseille to represent the brand during the Mondial La Marseillaise.

Obut is to petanque, what Nike is to basketball. The collaboration with such an emblematic brand helped us build credibility, but especially helped us to accelerate the development of our concept.

We owe a lot to Obut, but we especially owe our trademark to them. Obut also offers us immense support for our events, allowing us to spoil the participants with the best petanque gear in the world.

We love the people at Obut. Not only because they’re just great people, but also because they:

  • Got a long-term vision for petanque
  • Invest heavily in innovation
  • Think outside the box to develop petanque

As we are considered as the disruptors of the game, it’s clear that our collaboration with Obut is a match+ made in heaven.


Belgian beer brand that supports the underdogs

Our collaboration with Vedett began in 2015. We just started our social media activities and we started to receive questions from people who wanted to organize events together with us. In order to make our concept accessible for a large audience, we tried to build a kind of ‘modulable skate-park’ for petanque and beer crates seemed like the best solution:

  • Light weight: so easy to stack and transport
  • Modulable: very versatile material to build with, look at it like giant Lego blocks
  • Strong & durable: beer crates can withstand multiple impacts of iron balls

Our president just sent a random tweet (see above), which was picked up by Vedett. Before we knew it Vedett gave us 250 crates to do a first test.

Even today we still use this concept to create extreme petanque arenas for events that they are not really intended to play extreme petanque.

From the beginning the collaboration with Vedett was a match. Vedett is positioned as an underdog in the market, which fits our position perfectly.

Vedett mainly helps us with events, both by putting their material at our disposal, and helping us finding new locations through their network. On top of that we’re never thirsty when we’re playing 😉

From the get-go Vedett tried to include us in their brand story and made us feel a part of their company. We really appreciate all the efforts they do for us, but we especially appreciate their laid-back and human way of working.

Thanks Vedett for all the beautiful moments ?

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