Our story

The idea to create a petanque variant started in Tom’s garden in Bousval (Belgium) in 2013.

In the beginning we only organised fake world championships to entertain ourselves.

The concept began to take shape after publishing a video in 2014 of one of our “championships”.

The video generated lots of positive reactions among our friends, so we decided to really develop the concept via social media.

The enthusiasm of the community resulted into the first public events in 2015 and the founding of a non-profit association in 2016.

In April 2017, we organized first world championship in Ghent (Belgium) with 16 teams from 9 countries.

With the support of our partner Obut the brand ‘extreme petanque’ was trademarked in July 2018.

Today, the global community is made up of more than 20,000 people from around the world. The concept has been launched locally in 10 countries: the Netherlands, Germany, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Poland, Mexico, Canada, Finland, Switzerland and France.

Since 2014, the growth of our online impact has been exponential and today we reach more than 6 million people per year through our various digital channels.

The non-profit organisation is supported by 2 main partners: La Boule Obut (FR) and Vedett (BE) who actively support us to:

  • Develop our organization
  • Organize a dozen events, including the first world championship in 2017
  • Participate in international events and represent our values

Our organisation

The International Extreme Petanque Federation is a Belgian non-profit organisation founded in 2016.

There are 13 permanent active members who voluntarily help achieve the goals of the organisation:

  • Develop the extreme petanque concept by organising (international) events and mobilise the online community
  • Promote petanque to a younger and broader audience
  • Unite people of all ages and nationalities in a dynamic, social & intergenerational environment.

Not a real federation ?

As you might have understood: we are not a real federation. Our name, International Extreme Petanque Federation, is a wink to the real petanque federations, which we think are over-regulated.

So we decided to give ourselves a false authority by naming ourselves the “International … Federation”.

Our values

Our slogan might be “No rules, only balls”, when it comes to developing our organisation we keep both feet on the ground.

All our activities are organised around the 3 pillars of our concept:

  • Friendship
  • Togetherness
  • Social dynamics

Our day-to-day operations

The organisation is run by a committee of five people. Ideas, decisions and propositions are evaluated during bi-monthly meetings where the 13 active members take the final decisions together.

Our activities are mainly financed by:

Meet the team

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