Federico Palumbo

Founding Father

Nickname(s): The Kid with the Golden Arm “?”, Papi Bear “?”

Year of birth: 1981

Language: NL/EN/IT/FR

Balls: Obut RCC

Favorite location: The #EPWC17-arena

Quote: “Got balls?”, “Time to Shine!”


Federico was born in Ghent and lived in Rome (Italy) during the first 5 years of his childhood. He moved back to Ghent and has been living there ever since.

Federico has a natural Italian flair which has helped him during his career as an account manager the last couple of years. He recently changed his professional ambitions and is now obtaining a special education teacher degree.

Together with Tom and Jochen, he “invented” the extreme petanque concept in 2013.

But just for the record, Federico started the entire extreme petanque idea during one of his characteristic spontaneous single-person-brainstorm-sessions. Thanks to his colourful character he’s able to get a smile on everybody’s face which helps us enormously to get any extreme petanque party started!

As the “inventor” of the game Federico is a very passionate and enthusiastic extreme petanque player. He loves pushing the limits, but he especially loves the challenge and pressure to land difficult shots on a variety of different surfaces.

Extreme petanque equals friendship to Federico. He could literally spend his entire life playing ball with his friends, while grilling up a steak on the BBQ and drinking an ice-cold Vedett (or two)

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