Jochen Van De Keer

Founding Father

Nickname(s): Muts

Year of birth: 1974

Language: NL/FR/EN

Balls: Obut Match IT

Favorite location: Our self-created #EPWC17 arena

Quote: “You think I do too much, I don’t think about you at all”


Jochen was born in Ghent and still lives in his home town together with his girlfriend Marie, his son Jack and his dogs Johnson and Jackie. In his daily live he is the driving force behind Sprinterbus, a company specialised in the creation of customised vans, busses, campers and VIP vehicles.

Together with Federico and Tom he “invented” the extreme petanque concept in 2013.

As a successful entrepreneur and as the oldest member of the team, Jochen is considered as one of the key decision makers. His business experience allows him to quickly analyse and identify interesting opportunities which allows us to take quick and well-considered decisions to develop our concept even further.

Jochen is an optimistic and open-minded goal-getter who doesn’t believe in problems. He always focusses on solutions and opportunities, without wasting time on insignificant details.

Extreme petanque is the perfect antidote for his intense professional life. To Jochen there’s nothing better than spending time with friends at an extreme location while sipping from a Vedett or Ricard.

He also takes pride in the fact he’s one of the founding fathers who started the petanque-revolution via extreme petanque. Jochen also get his kicks from the immense growth and positive feedback we received from the community since we started.

When he’s not playing petanque or selling busses, he likes to spend his time with his family, his dogs and looking for mind-expanding experiences.

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