Remy Vicenzi

Original EP Baller

Nickname(s): Baraki Rem

Date of birth: 06/11/79

Language: FR/EN

Balls: Obut Match IT

Favorite location: In the woods close to a river + all the places where we can throw as far as we want

Quote: Luck favours the brave.


Remy was born in Uccle (Belgium) and currently lives in Wavre (Belgium), with his wife Valérie and their two kids Enzo and Luna.

As he is an enthusiastic tennis coach, he’s all about the mental part of the game.

Optimistic, social and open-minded as he is, he’s always open to meet new people. His positive mindset helps us to focus on our successes, which boosts team motivation when things aren’t going the way we planned.

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Remy associates extreme petanque with friends, family and fun, which are also the values he lives by.

Although he likes to play with pressure, he especially enjoys extreme petanque for the laid-back nature of the game, which allows him to take a break from the hectic life of running a tennis school.

Apart from enjoying family life and developing his tennis school, he plays competition hockey together with Jonathan and likes to chill while playing video games.

When Rem is hungry you will certainly please him with a home-made hamburger or any Asian or Italian dish.

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