Extreme petanque WTF ?!

Extreme petanque is a petanque variant based upon the classic petanque basics:

  • Both feet on the ground: no jumping or running!
  • Use the classic petanque throwing technique!
  • 13 points wins the match

Except, there are no limits.

Go out there & play wherever you want. Combine all sorts of obstacles, elevation changes and different types of surfaces.

Extreme petanque offers a lot of variation, unexpected twists and major excitement, both for the players as the spectators.

By adding those elements the game becomes slightly more random, which levels out the competition and increases the accessibility.

Big construction sites, forests or abandoned buildings are typical spots to play extreme petanque.

Why play extreme petanque ?

Although extreme petanque is based upon the classic game basics,  we notice that both activities can’t be compared.

The feedback of first-time players has been unanimously positive. Extreme petanque is perceived as an experience, while petanque is considered as a game, which makes all the difference while playing.

Extreme petanque offers the players lots of variation, which makes every game unique.

As extreme petanque is often played over long distances (between 15-30 meters), including elevation changes, (normal) petanque players get the opportunity to improve their pointing & shooting skills, as well as their overall physical condition.

Where to play ?

How to use the map?

  • On desktop: use your mouse to navigate in the map.
  • On mobile: slide and pinch with your 2 fingers to navigate in the map.

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